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Entry #4: Reasons For Me To Get a Paid Account

These reasons are all brought to you from the small mind of Miss Penelope Cruz.

1. Because everyone wants to stare at my pictures :-*
2. So I don't have to re-use the same ones over and over.
3. To make a snazy layout.
4. I'm dating Tom Cruise.
5. Brad Pitt wants to have my babies.
6. One of my many last names is "Naked"
7. Because Britney Spears is prettier than me.
8. Because I have broken English.
9. I look exotic
10. You should all feel sorry for me because united_states doesn't have me added
11. Because I just thought Lisa Marie was Ellen Degeneros.
12. I will seduce you in Spanish.
13. I'll put whoever buys me an account in my user info.
14. I'm having more fun making this list than I'm actually worried about a paid account.
15. I'm not pregnant.
16. I need to go on a date.
17. I'm running out of ideas.
18. I love making people icons.
19. Did I mention all my snazzy icons?
20. I'm watching Matallic Icon
21. My last 3 reasons have the word icon in it.
22. I have the letter P in my name.
23. I have a nose!
24. I have no more reasons.
25. Because even though this was really boring, you're all going to comment like good boys and girls.
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