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Entry # 6: Tom where are you?

I'm sick, I miss Tom and I need a new SN.

Any ideas?
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partially penelope
poopy penny
counterfeit cruz
concocted cruz
poopy pen is high on my Fruit Loops list as of now.

Thanks Nick :-*
Oh fuck, I meant: poopy penny
I kinda figured. :-*
That's because you're brilliant Nick. ;)
penpenpitt (since brad says he's marrying you)

Oh and I'm right here baby, sorry you're sick, I told you that shell fish at the awards looked suspicious.
You're stuck on the whole 'marrying Brad thing' aren't you? Darling, you're so adorable.

I couldn't help but eat it, it looked so damn good. Not as good as you looked once we got home and out of our clothes but.. ;)
Perky Penelope
Positively Penelope
Pokey Little Puppy Penelope

How are those? ;)
They're all wonderful Ethan, just like you love. :-*

I should make it 'Penelope Cruz Cruise Pitt Hawk'

Would that be too long? ;)
That would be hot