Penelope Cruz- Lake- Rodriguez (pen_cruz) wrote,
Penelope Cruz- Lake- Rodriguez

Entry #10: My darling's birthday

Today is my baby's birthday... and I'm determined to make it the best one there is. Nicole's graciously offered to take the children for the weekend, while I wisk him off for some alone time. Earlier today/last night Brad and he, went out and partied while Jen and had a girls night.... That way the boys could party for his birthday without disturbing the romantic get away.

I can't say too much without spoiling the whole surprise, but... if you want to reach either Tom, or I, this weekend.. the computer may be the best way to do it, since we won't have our cell phones with us.

Tom, happy birthday.. and I love you.
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Have fun, baby. I hope everything goes well. ;)

- Dies a happy death - Where the hell have you been? :( I've missed you like crazy, i've been going insane waiting on you to call
I've been around, baby. I need to catch you online but everytime I sign on you aren't there. :(
I love my pen.
mmm, I love my Mags
Phone sex?
Rawr baby :-* You know it.

Have fun today, Pen. I still have to go out and buy the candles and food.
Hey, I was surprised to find your LJ. I created my own now and I am checking on all my friends who have one of their own. Looking forward to talk with you more often! Tell Tom happy belated birthday from me! :)

[Well, I think you probably know who I am if you are playing Penny Cruz... at least I hope you do, hehehe! :">]
GAEL! I was wondering when you were going to show up. I was starting to think I'd have to kidnap you and force you to get one of these damn things.

[ Of course I know who Gael is :-* Welcome to LJ! ]
I love how I just found out you're on this thing. How are you, my darling?
Halle my love :-* I'm quite well, thanks darling.

And you?
I'm good, darling. I'll be back on set on Monday. We have fun, don't we? When I get back, you and I have to have dinner together or something, ok?
Thank you. You are the most beautiful gift I could ever ask for