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Entry # 3: Fence Painting Is Fun
Saturday 5/24/2003 [11:25am]
mood  [ angry]

I'm sitting here, waiting on The Last Samurai's site to load, and quite honestly.. the two men twirling around as they fight, are giving me a headache. I came to the site in hopes of seeing Tom's ass, but.. I can't really find anything other than when the movie will be out. It's probably on there somewhere, but my heads still spinning from watching those figures go at it, so I'm not even going to attempt to find anything until after I get something for my head.

Everyone should be expecting an update from my amazing boyfriend thomas_cruise soon. I'm refusing any kind of sex until he updates, and quite honestly.. he's becoming a bit frustrated, which leaves me to beleive it's only a matter of time before he updates.

Yesterday I caught up with my good friend m_rodriguez. We went to lunch and talked about upcoming moves and our sex lives, for a moment I thought I was Sarah Jessica Parker and she was Kim Cattrall. We got all cowboy'd up in our sexy overalls and decided to paint Tom's fence.... lets just say that more of the paint was on us than on the actual fence but, we finished it... and it looks hot. We even wrote out names at the bottom.

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Entry #2: What I've Been Up Too
Tuesday 5/20/2003 [10:59pm]
mood  [ amused]

I'm honestly getting sick and tired of the "Cruz vs. Kidman" bullshit. All I've heard from the past week or so is how Nicole and I are battling to be Queen of Cannes.Queen of Cannes? Where did this come from? We both had films opening at the Festival, yes, but at completely different times of the week. Nicole is one of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure of meeting, unlike the rilvalry the media's playing up, we're actually becoming good friends.

On to other news, haha, there was alot of talk about why Tom wasn't with me, and then everyone suddenly became suspicious of the fact he was fimling. Now let me ask you this... if your profession is acting, and you're not doing promotional work or taking time off.. what would you be doing? Filming and working on new movies or projects.

I'm so proud of Fanfan La Tulipe. It was chosen as the Festival's opening film, they thought it would attract different audiences, and well.. they were right. My co-star, Vincent Perez, is brilliant in it, though I'm afraid I'm no Gina Lollobrigida, I was extrememly proud of my role. You should all check the movie out if you get a chance.

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Entry #1: Introduction
Sunday 5/18/2003 [2:58pm]
mood  [ amused]

I've never been too fond of first introductions, they always seem to be the hardest and most uncomfortable. So here I am, attempting to make this short and sweet.

I'm Penelope Cruz, and I'm an actress who shares her bed with Tom Cruise and on the weekends Brad Pitt ;)

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